Our Visit to Sea Japan 2018

Sea Japan 2018

Last week (April 11 to 13), we paid a visit to Sea Japan 2018. The event was held at Tokyo Big Site and more than 500 companies related to the shipping industry showcased their products and services. More than 20,000 visitors attended the event.

We listened to a talk on communications at sea. As ships are becoming more reliant on communications both for navigation and communication, safeguarding against a possible cyber attack or malfunction at sea has become all the more important. We learned how dedicated satellites can keep a vessel’s digital communications active and the techniques that can be used to mitigate jamming or interference. Jamming is when an apparatus emits a signal that is strong enough to override the target signal. In military activities, jamming is frequently employed to confuse enemy radar or communications (refer to Britannica Encyclopedia Online). Interference is the same thing, only it is not deliberate. The satellites emit adjustable frequencies and can pinpoint (spot beam) a vessel’s location, which means that as a jamming or interfering frequency increases, then so too does the satellite’s, thus protecting communications.

We visited booths on shipping, lifting devices, safety equipment, propeller makers, robotic solutions providers and many others.

I was particularly interested in how ship builders and management companies are turning their attention to environmentally friendly navigation. Some of the concept designs incorporated state of the art sails to power the vessel. It seems that the old sailing ships of bygone days offer developers a hint in how to create more environmentally friendly vessels.

At YUZEN Translation, our three main areas are shipping, energy and environment. These three areas are becoming all the more inter-related, and we are interested to see how this all develops into the future.

It was a somewhat exhausting but informative event and we are looking forward to attending Bari Ship that will be held next year.

Geoff England

YUZEN Translation LLC